2 comments on “Mail Today

  1. Your website is amazing guys! You are too!! I saw you at the FLL power puzzle..I am a girl from the Egyptian team 😉
    Anyways..so nice to get to contact you..I hope we can meet again next year!
    I really hope so…Good Luck and Have loads of fun!!
    I also need to ask you a questiona about FLL registration…Do we have to win in the fll of our country so we can travel to compete world wide in atlanta…
    Thanks for ur time!

  2. We enjoyed meeting you at the World Festival too. We have a nice picture of our two teams together. Wasn’t the World Festival fun! Those fireworks were amazing. We hope to be able to attend the festival again in the future, so maybe we’ll meet up again. In Canada we have provincial competitions and whoever wins for the 1st Place Championship award gets to go to the World Festival in Atlanta. This year we won Ontario’s 2nd Place Championship award, but were selected as one of the Core Value teams, which to us was even more special.

    Does your team have a website we could link to?

    Snake….and the rest of the W.A.F.F.L.E.S.

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